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Top Things you should know about Google analytics


Google analytics means to track and report website traffic. It is software that is connected to your website through tracking code. The account holder can generate this code & place into HTML back end of their site. There are some important factors you know about Google Analytics.

Online traffic brings more traffic and conversion

Main aims of online marketing campaigns are bringing traffic and conversion into your websites. If you want to track traffic from local search directories then call your custom segment. Once you enter all domain that you want to track, you can check the segments are carrying same data and save into segment. For viewing all the advanced segments you have to check custom segment you want to view and click apply. Now you can track all traffic and goal conversion data which will help you know what is the best part of your website that mostly searches by users.

Track your visitor’s location

Through analytics, you can know the exact location of your visitors. You know from which location there is more search for your website and also you can see worldwide visitors on your site including average time on site and bounce rate of visitors from particular city, countries which is beneficial for understanding goal conversion rate from particular regions. You will know a specific location from visitors comes with conversions

What people searching on your website

For coming more visitors on your site through a search engine is find the specific keywords. If you want to know what the people searching on your site then take any specific URL that you want most of the traffic coming on your site then place it in profile setting under site search setting, select the option to do track the site. After that, you know the flow of traffic & also know about your content. You click on each page and see what terms visitor’s searched for. It can also give you an idea of content having more specific information as well as you can create new content on your site to engage your visitors.
Identify worst pages in website
From analytics, you know top exit pages of your websites. You know how many people are exiting on a particular page. This more commonly happens with blog pages because people are coming to find particular information and then they leave the site or sometimes people don’t find what they want so they abruptly leave from the page. So firstly you evaluate your site content to ensure that what the visitors are finding they get on your site.

Your top content

If you want to know on which pages of your website visitors spends more time or having low bounce rate? Identify these pages on which visitors spend their more time & lead to them continues on more pages on your site.
Discover if you need a mobile site

You need a mobile version of your website. There you will find a mobile option where you can see all traffic coming from specific device and percentage of total visitors that are from a mobile device. It will also show average time of visitors on your site & bounce rate. If the average time of visitor is less then bounce rate is more. If bounce rate is more then you are losing your mobile traffic